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We've put together all the events we can find about taking action from other organisations, partners and ourself so you don't have to find them. If you want to see all our events check-out our MeetUp community page.

Great Big Green Week - Showcase, Celebrate and Connect

Jun 13, 2023 1:30 PM

A special in-person conference and networking event for Great Big Green Week. We'll be celebrating the environmental work the voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector is undertaking, including our Going Green Together programme and the organisations who have helped make it happen. We'll showcasing projects you can get involved in or draw inspiration from, and building relationships to grow our sector's response to the climate emergency.

Carbon Literacy Training

Jun 21, 2023 9:15 AM
28 Jun

Delve into the causes of climate change and what we can do about it. Boost understanding with an in-depth accredited course, available at a discounted rate of 50% off the ticket price thanks to the Going Green Together Project.

Introduction to Community Energy

Jun 22, 2023 11:00 AM

Join this online session on community energy from Ewan Boyd of Teesdale Environmental Consulting and VONNE's Going Green Together programme, for a detailed and practical introduction to community energy. This session will cover the options available, where to begin, what the process involves, and how to make the most of community energy schemes.

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