Three programmes of environmental training and resources, running until September 2023.

Think Green Together

Think Green Together is our open access programme of resources, case studies, training and events, including the Act resources on the Going Green Together website for anyone to use. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to join the Going Green Together community and be notified of any new resources and events we are hosting over the coming year.

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Become Green Together

Become Green Together is a new programme of environmental training events, courses and access to specialist tools and frameworks to embed environmental sustainability across your organisation.  The programme is open to VCSE organisations in the North East and Cumbria, and applications have re-opened for November. With Become Green Together, you will gain subsidized access to tools for calculating your carbon footprint and learning how to reduce it, and accreditation with Investors in the Environment, as well as accessing a wide range of learning opportunities. Find out more and apply now to reserve your place.

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Act Green Together

We are partnering with fourteen organisations across the North East and Cumbria to allocate seed-corn funding and help them develop new environmental projects with their communities over the following year. Through this, we help to kickstart new ventures in environmental action, and learn more about how to create effective green change within our sector. Follow us on Medium to keep up to date with our projects and what we’re learning.

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