Understand the basics of the climate emergency and why we need to take action.

What is the climate emergency?

Urgent action from governments, companies and individuals is required to avoid the very worst effects of climate change, which is why people have begun referring to a climate emergency. A key cause of climate change is the increase in carbon emissions. This means that the earth is heating up as there are more greenhouse gases in our atmosphere (which act like a blanket around the earth).

Why take action?

It is vital that we take action now as severe weather and rising sea levels are affecting the way we live, particularly developing countries, and this will only get worse. For example, 800,000 hectares of land is lost every year as thousands of coastal towns are lost to the sea and the temperature of the earth is estimated to rise by at least 1.5 degrees celsius by 2050.

What is net zero?

Net zero refers to the balance between the amount of carbon dioxide we produce and the amount that we remove from the atmosphere.

What are carbon emissions?

Carbon emission is the release of carbon into the atmosphere. To talk about carbon emissions is simply to talk of greenhouse gas emissions; the main contributors to climate change. Since greenhouse gas emissions are often calculated as carbon dioxide equivalents, they are often referred to as “carbon emissions” when discussing global warming or the greenhouse effect.

Since the industrial revolution the burning of fossil fuels has increased, which directly correlates to the increase of carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere and thus the rapid increase of climate change.

Where can I learn more?

Going Green Together provides a range of res, events, and opportunities to help you on your journey to deepen your understanding of the climate crisis, and what your organisation's role can be in addressing this emergency.

Below we have also shared a number of additional online and in person courses to increase your knowledge on climate change.

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