Getting everyone aware, involved and accountable for taking better actions for our planet is one of the most important things we can do to drive change.

Steps you can take

Engage your team - staff, volunteers and trustees

It's so important to engage and involve your staff, volunteers and trustees in what you are doing.

Add sustainability/ environmental actions to your team/ board/ volunteer meetings, encourage staff and volunteers to becoming green champions and collectively discuss and agree the changes you could make to reduce your carbon emissions.

Encourage your team to come up with and action ideas, eco-activities and challenges. Some ideas to get you started:

  • hold an ethical bake off
  • organise an office book/ clothes/unwanted gifts swap shop
  • create monthly green challenges for employees and volunteers e.g. wear the same clothes week/ veggie or vegan no waste lunch/ no car day/week.

Share the steps you're taking and inspire others

Follow the Share link and share any actions you've been taking to inspire other similar organisations.

Include information about the steps you've been taking on your website, in e-newsletters and on social media.

Shout about what you've done and why, what you have learnt and what benefits it has brought you.

Ask for help and support

Ask your local council about what they can do to support you. They might have schemes to help improve energy efficiency of buildings, or to carry out energy audits.

You don't know if you don't ask.

Have a conversation with your funders and/or corporate partners/ supporters about your ambitions/ plans to be more environmental sustainable and see how they might also be able to help and support you.

If enough organisations ask for help, they're more likely to respond with action.

Useful links:

Encourage staff & volunteer learning and involvement

Include sustainability as a core part of your staff and volunteer training and development processes, encouraging staff and volunteers to take up learning in this area.

Ensure you cover environmental sustainability in your staff induction process. It is important that sustainability is ingrained in the organisation so by making sure new staff and volunteers are aware of it at the beginning, they know how important it is to consider in every aspect of work.

Write a blog and share on social media

Open working is a great way to share what you've been doing.

It helps others to understand your challenges and how you've overcome them and encourages others to make progress.

Why not write a blog sharing what climate action you've taken, why and what you've learnt, and share it via social media.

Actions from the North East

The WEA North East is an educational charity and has an exciting programme of free environmental courses to coincide with COP26 the UN Climate Change Conference. There is a wide range of subjects including crafts, beekeeping, climate change, gardening and cookery some are taking place online and some are face to face in local venues.
Karen Clough
50+ employees
It’s time to get on with it. Climate Action North’s One Small Change series of roadshows inspire and mobilise communities, businesses and individuals to take action in the climate emergency. The time for talking is over, today we need to act! Join us
Sharon Lashley
Climate Action North
1-9 employees
We've started using permaculture which is better for the environment and more sustainable long term.
Mandi Cresswell
Meadow Well Connected
50+ employees
North Tyneside
We're organising a climate action day with talks, music, drama and top tips for a sustainable planet. We'll also be holding a What a Wonderful World Festival in 2022 with a variety of speakers and performers.
Liz Anderson
What a Wonderful World
We've been promoting and proactively delivering more green jobs and carbon literacy training.
Lisa Stephenson
50+ employees
We're undergoing baseline assessment of carbon emissions for our large and complex VCS organisation.
Lisa Stephenson
50+ employees
We've hosted a series of talks on Climate Change, including one on practical steps that our local residents can take.
Chris Clarke
Friends of Jesmond Library
We formed a climate action group - Rothbury Climate and Nature. We're doing lots of work around climate action including looking at creating more footpaths and cycleways.
Katie Scott
Rothbury Climate and Nature
We've planted 400 trees and a wildflower meadow to increase the bio-diversity in the area.
Mandi Cresswell
Meadow Well Connected
50+ employees
North Tyneside
OASES has established the County Durham Climate Action Group to bring together organisations who want to drive forward local climate activities.
Rich Hurst
1-9 employees
With support from the Energy Saving Trust, we've taken on two Energy Advisers to support households with all their energy issues in rural Northumberland.
Andy Dean
Community Action Northumberland
10-49 employees

Have you taken action?

If you're a VCSE based in the North East and you've done something about the climate crisis, please share your action with us. We'd love to share it on this website, to inspire others.

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