Connect, share and learn skills and knowledge with others on a journey to Net Zero.

Meet the community

Join over 250 community members in our MeetUp (what's that?) community. We meet and discuss ways to become more environmentally sustainable and take climate action. Learn from a range of speakers, hear from each other and connect.

What's MeetUp?

We use MeetUp to set-up our events so we can enjoy all the community benefits that they provide: message boards, see who's attending and personalised notifications.

Who can join?

Anyone who is in a community and charity organisation based in North East England and Cumbria wanting to engage, inspire and support others in the VCSE sector to take climate action, support nature and support our people and communities through the transition to a green economy.

How do I join?

You just need to click 'Join this group' and you'll be asked to fill in a few questions so we can make sure you're the right person to attend our events. All events will then be available for you attend with links to their locations provided upon approval.

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Upcoming events

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Please find below upcoming events from ourselves and our partners through the Going Green Together project, and other events to help you learn more and take part in climate action.

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Past events

If we think an event had a great turn out we'll share all the links and recordings so you don't have to worry about missing out.

September Peer Support Meet-up

7 Sep

In this event, we talked about events and opportunities at Going Green Together over the coming month. We discussed challenges, opportunities, and resources while undertaking journeys to becoming more environmentally sustainable.

August Peer Support Meet-up

3 Aug

At this session, we talked about the Think Green Together resources, the Become Green Together programme, and news from different VCSE organisations on events, funding opportunities, and other eco-resources.