Supporting the North East and Cumbria’s VCSE sector towards Net Zero

Action areas

Actions from the North
East and Cumbria

We've started using permaculture which is better for the environment and more sustainable long term.
Mandi Cresswell
Meadow Well Connected
50+ employees
North Tyneside
The WEA North East is an educational charity and has an exciting programme of free environmental courses to coincide with COP26 the UN Climate Change Conference. There is a wide range of subjects including crafts, beekeeping, climate change, gardening and cookery some are taking place online and some are face to face in local venues.
Karen Clough
50+ employees
We're organising a climate action day with talks, music, drama and top tips for a sustainable planet. We'll also be holding a What a Wonderful World Festival in 2022 with a variety of speakers and performers.
Liz Anderson
What a Wonderful World
We've changed to fully flexible and remote working without an office which significantly reduces our staff mileage and carbon footprint.
Kate Jeffels
Together Middlesbrough & Cleveland
1-9 employees

Have you taken action?

If you're a VCSE based in the North East or Cumbria and you've done something about the climate crisis, please share your action with us. We'd love to share it on this website, to inspire others.

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